Entrepreneurial Skills You Can Learn From Your Kids

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Entrepreneurs are constantly required to learn, improve, evolve, and learn again. Often this means that they must seek and accept guidance and inspiration from each person they encounter be they co-workers, superiors, or peers. But there’s one group of people entrepreneurs tend to miss in their quest for valuable lessons: their children. Surprising though it may be, there are actually numerous lessons we can learn from these tiny humans living in our homes. Here are five skills I’ve learned from mine!

Kids always seem to be enthusiastic about the things they want. They have no problem showing their smiles and using their body language to communicate how excited they are for an idea, activity, or life in general. Kids have the ability to light up a room with their presence. Imitating this zeal could help to improve your attitude and the way you are viewed within your company.

People are moved by those who are passionate about their beliefs. Kids tend to give their whole hearts over to whatever it is they are interested in at the time. Emulate this behavior and you just might find that embracing your passions is far more beneficial than inhibiting them. They are, after all, a pathway to success.

Perhaps my favorite trait that all entrepreneurs should learn from kids is the art of negotiation. Anyone who has ever tried telling a child “no” is familiar with their fierce dedication to a cause they believe in. In their world, no doesn’t necessarily mean no. It just means “not yet” or “not like this.” If you can learn to take the refusals in your corporate life as “try agains,” you may find that you open infinitely more doors than you would if you had settled.

There is a lot of value in making friends. This is especially true in the world of business. Building relationships with the people you interact with on a daily basis is a fantastic way to promote trust and create connections that could be useful later on. Kids that aren’t shy tend to befriend everyone they meet just because they have something interesting to say. Treat each new introduction this way and see what kind of relationships you can nurture!

If you’ve ever done something remotely odd in front of a child then you’ve noticed their complete lack of filter. Kids say whatever they want whenever they want and they are unapologetic about their viewpoints. While you shouldn’t speak every word that comes to mind in a professional setting, you should capitalize on your authenticity. Be honest without being hurtful. Speak up when you feel strongly about something important. You may find that this particular approach is appreciated by your peers and superiors.

Make strides in your entrepreneurial life by utilizing life experiences as learning opportunities. Look to kids for some powerful lessons on how to be a stronger, more positive influence in your company. Use the tactics listed above, and any other strategies you’ve learned from children, and position yourself for better success in your career now and in the future.

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