Sol Maya Trickey Offers Tips for Mastering Self-Control

When you master the art of self-discipline, your career will benefit tremendously. Easier said than done though, right? How does one master self-control? The following tips have proven to be successful:

Know your Weaknesses Well

No one is without weakness. The differences come when we compare what we are weak to others’ weaknesses. Some people have very weak self-control when it comes to food while others are weak at time management. Weakness runs the gamut.  Entrepreneur suggests that you acknowledge your shortcomings, whatever they may be. Too often people either try to pretend their vulnerabilities don’t exist or cover up any pitfalls in their lives. Own up to your flaws. You can’t overcome them until you do. As soon as you can identify your weaknesses, you can start working on them.

Create New Habits

If you really want to master self-control, you will have to form new habits. These habits will be formed based on what your goal is as well as what your current weaknesses are. If you have identified one of your weaknesses as not being healthy, that’s a great start! Now go about getting healthier in an incremental way. You won’t become healthy overnight, so be patient with yourself. Start where you are and incrementally add more exercise and healthier food. You will feel better and look better too! This is just one example of creating a new habit.

Understand Your Triggers

In order to stop making the same poor decision, you need to identify the triggers that are leading you there in the first place. A lot of our worst habits are born out of stress. To break the cycle, replace the bad habit with a positive one that provides a similar benefit.

For example, instead of coming home every single day and rewarding yourself with a big bowl of ice cream, try changing it to a healthy smoothie. You’ll still get the reward of a cool treat but without the negative side effects. When you eliminate the trigger and replace it with something similar but positive, you’ll get closer and closer to mastering the art of self-control.

The art of self-control is just that, an art. It must be practiced and constantly refined. If you want to have more control over your life, you first need to understand what your weaknesses are. After that, create new habits that counteract those weaknesses. Lastly, understand what triggers you to fall behind on your goals or make the wrong decisions.

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